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Candidate Interviewer™

Candidate Interviewer™

I need to interview candidates to determine if they're a fit for my job opening

Price: $ 59.00 - $ 269.00

We offer convenient phone, virtual, and in-person interview options; then we deliver a full report of your candidate's answers. We streamline the hiring process by helping you eliminate the candidates who are not a good fit before you invest a lot of your time. Price is per hour of interview and wrap-up time, and varies based on the experience level of the recruiter.

We handle:
  • Interviewing your candidate digitally, or via phone, video, or in-person—your choice
  • A full hour of time spent screening your candidate and preparing a report of their responses
  • Answers to your specific questions

Benefit to you:
  • Review at your convenience
  • Share the results with your team to determine if you want to move forward

Price: $ 59.00

What to Expect

The Peoplr Concierge is a recruiting expert who is available to you at any time to help you complete your purchase, answer your questions, confirm information, or provide a status update about your purchase. She or he will contact you when we need to know something to complete your order or to let you know how things are progressing.

Prefer To Connect In Person?

No problem! We are here to help you find the answers you need to move forward. Just submit your name and contact information here. If you send the information between 8am-6pm EST, we'll get with you shortly.

If not, we'll reach out to you within the first hour of the next business day.