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Every candidate is different, and so is every business. We’ll find the best match for your role. You decide how involved you want to be in the process, and we’ll take care of the rest.


  • Our Fees are Less than 20% of a Traditional Search Firm
  • Easy Online Tool to Help You Articulate Your Perfect Candidate
  • Recognized by LinkedIn as a Global TOP 10% Recruiting Team in Candidate Response Rate
  • Save Time by Eliminating Wasteful Interviews
  • A la Carte Options Available so You Only Pay for What You Need

What We Offer

  • Sourcing Active & Passive Candidates
  • Help Writing Compelling Job Postings
  • Pre-Screening Applicants
  • An Experienced Hiring Partner for Your Organization

Expertise & Results

  • Behavioral Traits AND Required Skills
  • Quality Candidates vs. Quantity of Resumes
  • Recruiting Best Practices from Our Experienced Team
  • Focus on Culture Fit

Popular Services

  • Recruiting on Demand™ (Our Most Affordable & Comprehensive Package)
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Assessments & Testing
  • Drug & Background Screens


What if hiring was as easy as shopping online? Guess what, now it is.

  • Recruiting:OnDemand™ is an affordable service that delivers thoroughly interviewed candidates who match what you’re looking for—all you need to do is schedule an interview and make an offer
  • Our recruiters have an average response rate of 40 to 50% to their LinkedIn messages—more than double the national average
  • ¾ of our clients hire a great candidate for less than $5k

Click, Email, or Call to Explore Recruiting:OnDemand™

Or, choose the a la carte services you need the most from the options below


I just want to see candidates and I'll "KNOW THE RIGHT ONE WHEN I SEE IT"

  • Avoid filling your inbox with unqualified applicants
  • Don't wait for candidates to find you
  • Pay less than half of a traditional staffing firm's fee
  • If you have an ATS System we'll manage it
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Job Poster™
I need to post my job to an online job board to receive applicants
  • Save money by letting us post on the job board of your choice—we've already got an account
  • Select the job board you want, and send us the job description. We'll take care of the rest
  • Post to popular boards like Zip Recruiter and LinkedIn Careers

Price: $425 - $499

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Job Describer™
I need a comprehensive job description that outlines the skills, experience, capabilities, and education required to do the job successfully
  • We're the writers so let us craft each aspect of your formal job description and document the full depth of the role for you—then you can breathe easier knowing you've got things covered from an HR compliance standpoint

Price: $249

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Job Advertiser™
I need to write a great job posting that gets results
  • Gain the benefit of our expertise with a job advertisement that hooks the right applicants
  • Get rid of the traditional "boring" job posting and improve your response rate with a professional job description from Peoplr
  • Paint a compelling picture of what it's like to work for your company

Price: $149

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Criminal Checker™
I need to find out if my applicant has a criminal past
  • A thorough criminal background check to uncover any dangerous secrets in your applicant's past
  • Avoid putting your company and assets at risk
  • Screen your candidate for incidents that might indicate a history of reckless or questionable behavior

Price: $54 - $89

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Drug Screener™
I need to drug test a potential employee
  • Multiple options for drug screens including 9-panel and 10-panel drug tests
  • Thousands of locations across the U.S. make it easy for your candidate to schedule a drug test
  • Rest easy knowing your candidate is not using illegal substances

Price: $69 - $79

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Motor Vehicle Reporter™
I need to take a closer look at my candidate's driving record to see if they're a fit for my job
  • Our team of HR professionals will run a motor vehicle inquiry and share the results with you
  • You'll receive an in-depth report of your applicant's driving record to help you make an informed hiring decision

Price: $29 - $49

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Candidate Tester™
I need to test my applicant before I hire
  • Put your candidate's skills to the test; assessments can cover everything from typing speed to Excel, Photoshop, and QuickBooks
  • Choose a personality assessment to gauge traits like reliability and safety awareness
  • Feel secure knowing your candidate will start the job with the essential skills you need

Price: $49 - $129

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Reference Checker™
I need to perform a pre-employment reference check
  • We contact your candidate's professional references
  • Three (3) attempts are made to reach each reference, then we help you determine if your applicant’s work ethic is a cultural fit
  • Receive a full report from a recruiting professional that includes details on your candidate's work ethic

Price: $49 - $69

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Employment Verifier™
I need to ensure my candidate’s work history is accurate
  • Professional recruiters will call your candidate's previous employer(s)
  • Verify your candidate’s title and eligibility for rehire in prior job(s)
  • Receive a detailed report that includes dates of employment and compensation (state law permitting) for the past one (1) job(s), as well as anything else of value that we uncover

Price: $45

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Education Verifier™
I need to verify my candidate's education
  • Degree confirmation from your candidate's school or organization
  • Avoid being misled by an applicant’s exaggerated or falsified resume
  • Confirm your candidate's highest degree attained dates of attendance, GPA, and degree(s) granted

Price: $54

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I need to determine what salary to pay
  • Know what your competition is paying in local, regional, and national markets
  • Receive robust salary information by industry and make sure your company is staying competitive for top talent
  • Understand the competitive landscape for base and incentive pay and then set a realistic hiring budget

Price: $199

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Hourly Recruiter™
I need to supplement my company's hiring process
  • Customized help with specific tasks from one of our recruiting experts
  • Access to a hiring expert for anything from administrative tasks to executive-level consulting services
  • Save money by purchasing hourly recruiting help as you need it

Price: $70 - $250

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Applicant Sourcer™
I need to find candidates who are a fit for my job
  • We do the work of searching our vast national network for candidate resumes that fit your position requirements
  • You choose between passive or active candidates and our recruiting specialists will get to work finding qualified resumes for you
  • Save time by letting us weed through resumes and profiles that aren’t a fit

Price: $129

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Candidate Interviewer™
I need to interview candidates to see if they’re a fit for my job
  • Our professional recruiters will interview your candidate
  • Receive an in-depth report of their responses to your interview questions
  • We interview your candidate digitally or via phone, virtually, or in-person—it's your choice

Price: $59 - $269

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Candidate Selector™
I need to screen job applicants and determine which ones I should interview
  • Avoid wasting valuable work time reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants
  • We'll screen your applicants so you can focus on running your business
  • We'll weed through your resumes and send only qualified people your way

Price: $29.00

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I need to articulate exactly who I want to hire
  • Our easy-to-use online tool HireSpec™, helps you identify specific job requirements like experience, education, and certifications
  • Learn how to sell your job to potential candidates by articulating what's great about your company
  • Discover your perfect candidate with our innovative technology

Price: $79

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Job Offer Negotiator™
I need to negotiate a job offer for a new hire
  • Job offer negotiation on your behalf performed by one of our hiring experts. Our recruiters have over a decade of experience and have hired well over 10,000 people
  • Regular communication so you’ll know where your candidate is in the salary negotiation process
  • Includes verification of employee’s previous salary information with a report outlining dates of employment and previous compensation

Price: $249

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Offer Letter
I need help writing an enticing offer letter for someone I really want to hire
  • We'll ask you the right questions and ensure your candidate is excited to accept your offer
  • We'll write an offer letter for you that outlines the role and other important factors like salary, start date, and any other appealing perks you're offering
  • Lock down your candidate quickly and start thinking about onboarding

Price: $149

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Exit Interviewer™
I need an exit interview for a departing employee
  • We'll talk to your separating employee to discuss successes and areas of opportunity
    • We'll write a report summarizing the conversation and send it to your management team
    • Gain valuable insight into your company's strengths and weaknesses

Price: $249

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