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Motor Vehicle Reporter™

Motor Vehicle Reporter™

I need to see my applicant or current employee's driving record

Price: $ 29.00 - $ 59.00

If you're hiring someone new to your team, or you have an existing employee who will be driving as part of their essential job function, then you need to know what their driving history looks like. Are they a speed demon or do they carefully abide by traffic laws? Lower the risk to your business by learning of potential issues up front.

We will:
  • Provide you a 3-year MVR for the state of your candidate's driver's license, which typically provides information such as when their license was issued, when it expires, the kind of license they hold, as well as any violations they have (including DUIs and when they took place)
  • You'll also learn whether their license is suspended or revoked for any reason and whether they wear corrective lenses; *some information returned does vary by state
  • You'll receive any information we obtain from the state's department of motor vehicles and/or the department of revenue

Benefit to you:
  • Gain peace of mind by screening your candidate or employee's driving record before you hire them, or while you employ them
  • Protect your business from potential risk by knowing what your employee's driving record looks like
  • If you require it, we are also happy to help you with setting up batch ordering, annual re-checks, and/or monthly monitoring; give us a shout by clicking on the online chat tool in the lower left corner of your screen and we'll be happy to give you more information

*Per California state statute, driving records may only be requested in conjunction with at least one additional screening service.

**Pennsylvania and Washington require state specific authorization forms which may lengthen turnaround time.

Price: $ 29.00

What to Expect

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