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Reference Checker™

Reference Checker™

I need to perform a pre-employment reference check

Price: $ 49.00 - $ 69.00

Checking references before making an offer is always smart. One of our recruiting professionals will contact your applicant's professional reference and interview them about their experience working with your candidate. Price is for one (1) reference check per candidate.

We handle:
  • Calling your candidate's reference to discover their work ethic, prior responsibilities and more
  • Writing a report that outlines what we learned about your candidate
  • Three (3) contact attempts made to each reference

Benefit to you:
  • Gain valuable insight into what your candidate will be like to work with by discovering what their former colleagues have to say
  • Use standard or custom questions—your preference

Pricing Breakdown:
  • $49 if you give us the reference and their contact information
  • $69 if we have to identify a reference to contact on our own

Price: $ 49.00

What to Expect

The Peoplr Concierge is a recruiting expert who is available to you at any time to help you complete your purchase, answer your questions, confirm information, or provide a status update about your purchase. She or he will contact you when we need to know something to complete your order or to let you know how things are progressing.

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