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Trust But Verify

Let our experts verify your candidate's previous employment, education, and references. Peoplr can also administer drug tests just about anywhere in the country, motor vehicle reports, credit checks and learn if your potential hire has a criminal record. Find what you need to know to protect your company and trust your new employee.
Criminal Checker™
I need to find out if my applicant has a criminal past
  • A thorough criminal background check to uncover any dangerous secrets in your applicant's past
  • Avoid putting your company and assets at risk
  • Screen your candidate for incidents that might indicate a history of reckless or questionable behavior

Price: $54 - $89

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Drug Screener™
I need to drug test a potential employee
  • Multiple options for drug screens including 9-panel and 10-panel drug tests
  • Thousands of locations across the U.S. make it easy for your candidate to schedule a drug test
  • Rest easy knowing your candidate is not using illegal substances

Price: $69 - $79

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Employment Verifier™
I need to ensure my candidate’s work history is accurate
  • Professional recruiters will call your candidate's previous employer(s)
  • Verify your candidate’s title and eligibility for rehire in prior job(s)
  • Receive a detailed report that includes dates of employment and compensation (state law permitting) for the past one (1) job(s), as well as anything else of value that we uncover

Price: $45

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Education Verifier™
I need to verify my candidate's education
  • Degree confirmation from your candidate's school or organization
  • Avoid being misled by an applicant’s exaggerated or falsified resume
  • Confirm your candidate's highest degree attained dates of attendance, GPA, and degree(s) granted

Price: $54

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Reference Checker™
I need to perform a pre-employment reference check
  • We contact your candidate's professional references
  • Three (3) attempts are made to reach each reference, then we help you determine if your applicant’s work ethic is a cultural fit
  • Receive a full report from a recruiting professional that includes details on your candidate's work ethic

Price: $49 - $69

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Motor Vehicle Reporter™
I need to take a closer look at my candidate's driving record to see if they're a fit for my job
  • Our team of HR professionals will run a motor vehicle inquiry and share the results with you
  • You'll receive an in-depth report of your applicant's driving record to help you make an informed hiring decision

Price: $29 - $49

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