Criminal Checker™

Criminal Checker™

I need to find out if my applicant has a criminal past

Price: $ 49.00 - $ 231.95

Protect your company and assets by reviewing your applicant's full history and background before you hire. Let us give you peace of mind regarding a candidate's criminal record. Price is per unique name attributed to each candidate.

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We conduct:
  • A search to verify your candidate's name, residential history, and identify aliases
  • A National Criminal Index Search (NCIS), which includes a Department of Corrections Background Check
  • A Social Security Number Verification
  • Multiple database searches from the Office of Foreign Assets' Control Fugitive List, Terrorist Watch list, FBI, Interpol, and Sex Offender & Predator list searches
  • *For Statewide and County Criminal Checks, use the chat function or call for pricing

Benefit to you:
  • Gain peace of mind by screening your candidate for criminal activity before you hire
  • Protect your assets by reviewing any past criminal activity before you make an offer

*Check with your candidate to see how many name changes or aliases they've had, and then select the appropriate option.

**If the NCIS finds a discrepancy in your candidate's background, the Peoplr Concierge will reach out to you to discuss your options for further investigation and additional fees that may be involved.

What to Expect

The Peoplr Concierge is a recruiting expert who is available to you at any time to help you complete your purchase, answer your questions, confirm information, or provide a status update about your purchase. She or he will contact you when we need to know something to complete your order or to let you know how things are progressing.

We know you are busy and that your hiring is really important to your business, so don’t hesitate to contact your Peoplr Concierge any time for anything you need!

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