Measure Your Candidate's Occupational Skills

Price: $ 29.00

Wondering if your candidate is really as proficient as their resume suggests? We offer a range of tests that will evaluate their functional skills in a variety of occupations. These tests are geared toward positions that require some prior work experience. Select the category that best describes your assessment needs and after your purchase, our Peoplr Concierge will reach out to help you choose a specific test from our extensive catalog. Price is per assessment.

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Tests Include:
  • Accounting & Finance: Select from 20 tests including AP & AR, Bookkeeping & Payroll, Accounting Software (e.g., Peachtree and QuickBooks), Financial Management & Analysis, and more
  • Business Skills: Communication style, business concepts, ethics, change management, research, marketing, presentation skills, time management, etc
  • Call Center: Select from timed and un-timed tests, including familiarity with terms & places (English & Spanish), predictors of retention and remote worker success, handling collections, etc
  • Cognitive Aptitude: Measure behavioral tendencies, personality, and situational judgment—get a sense of not only if the candidate CAN do the job, but WILL do the job
  • Essential Skills: Tests math, vocabulary, filing, following instructions, problem solving, proofreading, and verbal reasoning skills
  • Healthcare: Select from more than forty (40) tests including medical office, billing, terminology, and specific practice areas
  • Human Resources: Tests of general concepts, including interviewing and hiring, handling sexual harassment cases, and training
  • Industrial: Select from tests focused on counting and stocking, forklift, matching, production problem solving, shop math, and more
  • Legal: Tests various areas of expertise including litigation, contract, general law, transcription, research, vocabulary and more

What to Expect

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