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HR 101: Tips for Growing Companies

Growing companies face unique challenges. We're here to help.

Attracting top talent is tough before your brand and reputation are established. Good people always have choices, and it’s hard to attract and find the ones each of us want. After nearly a decade in the hiring business, we’ve decided to share what we know. Welcome to our Hiring 101 Series, a set of great lessons developed for growing companies who need to attract, and hire, great people.

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When Cupid Strikes in the Workplace...

February 21 2019

office romanceThe percentage of people who have engaged in an office romance at some point in their career might surprise you—most surveys place that number at around 50%, but as high as 70%. It’s safe to say that a large portion of your staff has, is, or will become romantically involved with someone else on your team at some point. These relationships can naturally cause trouble when they don’t end well. As a business owner, here are some things you should do to minimize risk and fallout from inevitable inter-office romances:

An Alternative Approach to Filling Hard Jobs

January 24 2019

group training sessionThe job market has changed a lot over the past few years and what was once an employer’s market is now an employee’s market. With tech job openings quickly surpassing the number of employees who possess the necessary skills, business owners are often frustrated at the lack of talent available to them. Instead of spending excessive amounts of time and money searching through vast pools of underwhelming talent, there is an alternative…

How Do I Verify Employment Eligibility During the Shutdown?

January 10 2019

Verifying employment eligibility is a critical step that each employer must take before officially hiring anyone in the U.S. Making errors in your verification process or failing to do it can result in heavy fines from the Department of Homeland Security. With the current government shutdown, we’ve received some questions from clients asking about E-Verify and here are our answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Are You Late to the January Hiring Party?

November 14 2018

New data from LinkedIn shows that more people change jobs in January than any other month. With the average hiring process taking between 30 to 45 days, it’s time to join the hiring party! This is prime time for applications from candidates who are serious about making a change. If you’re planning to hire for the new year, here are 5 tips to get job seekers’ attention and hire the best people in 2019:

The Biggest Hiring Mistake You Can Make

November 08 2018

Woman regretting a mistakeUnemployment is low and the pre-recession mentality you may still have about hiring can really hurt your current process. The days where you’d get 100 qualified applicants who would jump through tons of hoops are in the past. The current employment landscape has the ball in the employee’s court, not the employer’s. When you’re ready to hire, we beg you not to make this cardinal mistake:

Should You Serve Alcohol at Upcoming Holiday Parties?

October 25 2018

Holiday season is here and that means your office party is right around the corner. With many businesses also celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s a good time to set some ground rules for holiday appropriate behavior—and the one thing that tends to lead to regrettable behavior is alcohol. Office happy hours are common, but is it wise to serve alcohol at official company events? Two members of our HR team weigh in with some advice: 

Open Enrollment Checklist for 2018 & 2019

October 11 2018

open enrollmentOpen enrollment is officially here! Get your team set up for success and make the most of your time by reviewing our open enrollment checklist:

Equal Pay Best Practices in the #MeToo Era

October 04 2018

pay scale

We recently participated in a panel discussion with other business, legal, and HR professionals that outlined how to talk about salary in the #MeToo Era, and how to evaluate employee compensation to look for areas of potential risk. Here are some interesting questions we received from the audience:

Is ZipRecruiter the Magic Pill the Ads Say it is?

September 13 2018

magic trickWith a record number of jobs open, employers are struggling to fill positions and are naturally turning to the job boards to advertise and target qualified employees. ZipRecruiter is one of the new kids on the block and it’s giving older, more established boards like Monster and CareerBuilder a run for their money. But is all of the hype true? To determine if this platform is a good fit for your hiring needs, here are some pros and cons you may encounter with ZipRecruiter:

Keep Your Best Employees from Quitting

August 23 2018

Reminder note to quit your jobThe average cost to replace someone in a skilled role is higher than you'd think. New research indicates that it costs more than 2x’s one year’s salary to replace a departing employee in the same role. With research also indicating that 50 to 70% of employees are open to leaving or are actively looking for a new job, a leadership team that doesn’t regularly think about retention is opening itself up to risk. What should you be doing to combat this issue? Here are 4 tips to help you retain your top people:

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