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HR 101: Tips for Growing Companies

Growing companies face unique challenges. We're here to help.

Attracting top talent is tough before your brand and reputation are established. Good people always have choices, and it’s hard to attract and find the ones each of us want. After nearly a decade in the hiring business, we’ve decided to share what we know. Welcome to our Hiring 101 Series, a set of great lessons developed for growing companies who need to attract, and hire, great people.

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Coronavirus Response Policy

March 17 2020

virus strainIn light of recent developments with Coronavirus (Covid-19), we’ve put this policy together for several of our clients and wanted to share it in the event that it can be helpful to other business owners.

4 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Talent Pool

January 31 2020

With more job openings than there are unemployed people in America, employers are struggling to find and entice the right talent to join their team. Remaining competitive is more important than ever these days. How your company is perceived online and, in the community, makes a big difference in your ability to attract great talent. Here are four ways to elevate your company’s image and increase the quality of your recruiting results:

New Overtime Rules Starting 1.1.20. Are Any of Your Employees Affected?

November 20 2019

There’s a new sheriff in town…known as the updated Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 2020. The minimum salary for exempt employees will officially be raised to a minimum of $684 per week or $35,568 per year effective January 1st. FLSA regulations are complicated. There are many other angles to examine when evaluating FLSA status and the implications of errors are ugly. Here’s what you need to know right now:

How Can I Predict Turnover Before It Happens?

October 17 2019

Wish you could see employee turnover coming so that you can address problems before things have gone too far? With unemployment at a 50-year low, replacing valuable employees is something we all want to avoid. You can more accurately predict pending turnover by…

Can CBD Oil Affect Employment Related Drug Tests?

September 17 2019

The use of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is on the rise and it seems like a new CBD store is popping up in every shopping center these days. Just how closely is it related to marijuana, and will it cause employment related drug tests to pop positive?
Read on to find out:

5 Modern Perks Your Employees Will Love

July 25 2019

Millennial at the spa with petThe benefits landscape is changing and while things like health benefits, retirement savings, and equal pay are more important than ever, there are some enticing new perks on the scene. As the first round of millennials begin to enter the mid-phase of their career and companies prepare to look at hiring their first Generation Z employees, we are seeing a shift in what appeals to these newer generations. Are your benefits evolving along with your employees?

Hiring Friends & Family: The Risks & Rewards

June 27 2019

Basic HR training tells us not to hire friends and relatives. Avoiding this is considered a best practice designed to help businesses avoid a long list of grievances. Most business owners know it’s a bad idea, but we still see it happen with surprising regularity. If you’ve hired or are considering hiring a friend or family member, here are the rewards you can expect and the risks you should prepare for:

The Nitty Gritty on Raises & Performance Reviews

May 09 2019

Do you dread performance reviews? Your employees may dread them too, but also really want to know where they stand with you. “How” to handle them is the topic of great debate for business leaders and HR professionals alike. Should you lump performance and raise discussions? How often do you have to do an evaluation? And what format should you use? Our advice is to simplify, simplify, simplify…

Top 10 Areas of Focus for Your HR Manager

April 04 2019

Human Resources (HR) can seem overwhelming to business owners who are typically “ideas” people and often aren’t excited about policies, benefits, and employee management. But HR plays a big role in helping your business thrive. Whether you have an HR manager, or you’re handling things on your own—here are 10 areas you need to be managing effectively to keep your employees happy and your business secure:

Closing a Top Candidate with Multiple Offers

March 13 2019

man choosing between multiple offersThe war for top talent is real and selling your company to a Rockstar candidate who has multiple offers on the table takes a little finesse. How should you approach this and what do you need to do to seal the deal and beat out your competition? Read on to find out:

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