Finalist Presenter™ Package

Finalist Presenter™ Package

I need one (1) perfect-fit finalist for immediate hire.

Price: $ 1,995.00 - $ 5,395.00

Hiring managers face a big responsibility when it’s time to hire great people. Our clients come to us when they need help articulating the kind of employee they want, and are having trouble finding that perfect-fit person. Just use our proprietary HireSpec™ app to identify the person you need, then hand the job off to us. You get to focus on your business, while we deliver the perfect finalist, ready for your interview and offer letter!

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Receive (1) finalist who is a 100% match to your job—GUARANTEED!
  • Our recruiting experts find your candidates by:
    • Writing a compelling customized job description for use in online advertising
    • Using our national network to identify qualified candidates
    • Completing an hour-long, in-depth interview of semi-finalists to select the very best
    • Recording a video presentation of the finalists answering up to three (3) questions you've selected
    • Two (2) assessments of your choice to help you determine if your candidate has the skills you need
    • Preparing an in-depth report for you with a professional analysis of the finalists to compare them against each of your unique requirements

Benefit to you:
  • Quickly define a candidate's specifications by using our HireSpec™ app to articulate exactly who you want to hire— it's fun, easy, and online 24/7!
  • Benefit from a professional evaluation of your finalist compared against your specifications— helps you commit to the right candidate
  • Benefit from a professional evaluation of your finalist compared against your specifications—helps you avoid falling in love with the wrong candidate
  • Know if your pay is competitive— with a national, regional, and local salary survey

*For salaries over $175k, call for a custom quote

What to Expect

The Peoplr Concierge is a recruiting expert who is available to you at any time to help you complete your purchase, answer your questions, confirm information, or provide a status update about your purchase. She or he will contact you when we need to know something to complete your order or to let you know how things are progressing.

We know you are busy and that your hiring is really important to your business, so don’t hesitate to contact your Peoplr Concierge any time for anything you need!

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